Getting Started on Your Annual Planning for 2021

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I know what you’re thinking.  Believe me, it is NOT too early to start working on your annual planning for 2021! It’s an opportunity to reflect on all you’ve accomplished.  It’s also a time to review the challenges you have faced through this year, not even counting the global pandemic. You should strive to make 2021 the year that you truly work on your practice and your team. How should you evaluate your current yearly achievements and plan for even bigger success for the upcoming year?

Review 2020 Achievements

  • Did you reach your goals this past year? Whether they were personal or as a practice, celebrating these achievements and reflecting on them can help you continue to grow.
  • Are you looking to further achieve the goals you already reached? 
  • How did your goals change throughout the year? Having a curveball thrown at the dental industry due to COVID-19 may have messed with the goals that were in place. 
  • How would you rate your team on delivering fantastic customer service? 
  • Review everything you achieved, whether or not it was an original goal!

Review 2020 shortfalls

  • Identify any barriers that prevented the practice from reaching their goals. 
  • How can you improve? 
  • What can you do to achieve these goals in 2021? 

Review Vision and Mission Statements and Operating Agreements

  • Adjust your vision and mission statements as needed. 
  • The entire team needs to restate their commitments to each other and the practice. Make sure everyone is on the same page!


  • Which team members went above and beyond for you, your patients, and your practice?
  • Acknowledging hard work will keep you motivated!

Set Goals For 2021

What do you want most in 2021? What have you learned from COVID-19 that may continue to impact your practice? 

Guidelines for department goals for the entire practice:

  • Financial goals for the practice
  • Bonus goals for the team
  • Scheduling goals for dental
  • Scheduling goals for hygiene
  • Goals for New Patient Acquisition
  • Treatment Presentation and Acceptance Goals
  • Treatment mix goals
  • Adding equipment or new procedures
  • Continuing Education

An idea is nothing more than a thought if the idea is not put into action! Analyze all areas of the practice and design a specific growth plan. Have a new perspective and take action so you can reach a whole new height of success in 2021!

Did any, or all of this, resonate with you?

If you are ready to make 2021 your BEST year ever, contact me at Ge*********@Fo*********.com  I’m offering a complimentary 30-minute coaching call to all new clients.  If you’ve never worked with a coach or consultant before, you may be surprised at how much we can help!

State your goals with purpose.

Write them down.

Revisit them daily.

Reach out to and lean on others who can support you in reaching your dreams!

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