Get Ahead Coaching & Consulting Expertise

Our Brain Trust

We cannot be experts in everything.  None of us can. 

At Get Ahead Coaching & Consulting, we realize that we do a number of things very, very well.  We are experts in:

    • Team Building
    • Culture
    • Vision Setting
    • Goal Setting
    • Communication Skills
    • Personality & Behavioral Analysis and Training
    • Motivating and Rewarding Team
    • Creating Accountability and Buy-in
    • Ideal Scheduling
    • Building & Implementing Systems
    • Morning Huddles, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly Meetings
    • Establishing Checklists, Protocols, and Procedures
    • Understanding your Practice’s Financials
    • Building a Strong and Targeted Marketing Plan
    • Helping you Massively Improve your Case Acceptance
    • Creating Short- and Long-term Strategies

We are NOT experts in:

    • Patient Financing
    • Tax Planning
    • Insurance (both personal and professional for the doctor)
    • Evaluating the hundreds of dental “insurance” plans
    • Dental “insurance” processing
    • Accounting
    • Legal Issues
    • HR
    • Real Estate & Lease Negotiation
    • Architecture, Construction, & Interior Design
    • Banking

BUT we have built a “brain trust” of experienced advisors who ARE experts in those areas!  When Dr. Alfe was practicing, she didn’t perform every single dental procedure.  She formed her “brain trust of specialists” who performed implants, surgery, root canals, and pediatric dentistry. 

She knew that when she sent a patient to any of these colleagues, that her patient would be treated with the same level of care, expertise, and compassion that her patients had grown to expect. 

We can confidently refer our coaching clients to other experts who help support our clients in “the business of dentistry”.  That is one of our value-adds.  Dr. Alfe built numerous strong relationships with dental industry leaders during her 30+ years in the field.  Anyone who knows Dr. Alfe knows that she is extraordinarily picky and sometimes difficult to “wow” (we guarantee that is a GREAT thing for you!).  If we recommend another professional to you, you can rest assured that we have vetted that person or company before passing along their information. 

Contact us if you’d like an introduction to any of our trusted colleagues. Tell us a little bit about what you’re looking for, and why, and we’ll help connect you.  No strings attached.  We do not receive any financial compensation for referring you to our colleagues.  We live by the motto “Pay it Forward.”