As a practicing periodontist for almost 40 years, I’ve had the opportunity to observe a wide number of dental practices in the Chicago area and beyond. During the course of 15 years, I watched Dr. Alfe go from a small start up to one of the best run and most profitable practices in the area. With a combination of exquisite dentistry and exceptional patient management, she developed a following of patients that truly loved her and to this day still ask about her.

In addition to her role as a master clinician and practice manager, she showed her passion as both an educator and a coach. It is exciting to follow Dr. Alfe in the next phase of her career as a full time coach. As one of the few consultants who has actually DONE it successfully in the trenches, she is uniquely qualified to help anyone navigate through any stage of their career. What a great mentor to have at your side in times of change!

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