Codebreaker Communication Training

Be Heard!

Codebreaker is a revolutionary communication system that is based on each individual’s core values. You know that different people communicate, act & react, and make buying decisions in very different ways.

Codebreaker B.A.N.K. is an acronym for Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, and Knowledge. These four different categories influence how we behave and interact with others.

Codebreaker is similar to, yet quite different, from many other “personality” or “behavioral” tests (DiSC, Myers-Briggs, Kolbe, etc.).

This is right for you and your team if you:

  • Have difficulty communicating effectively with each other
  • Sometimes deal with hurt feelings or misunderstandings
  • Do not understand WHY you feel like you’re “not being heard”
  • Do NOT have at least 90% of your patients saying “YES” to treatment recommendations…on the first visit
  • Want to do more of the dentistry YOU want to do


Your entire team will complete the advanced Codebreaker B.A.N.K. Assessment (it only takes about 5 minutes). Dr. Alfe will receive your results and review each individual’s “Code”.

What's Included:

  • Individual Advanced B.A.N.K. Assessments for each team member
  • Complete B.A.N.K. Analysis Report for each team member
  • One-hour orientation zoom call with the doctor-owner to explain the B.A.N.K. system
  • Three-hour zoom meeting with your entire team that covers:
    • What your B.A.N.K. Code means
    • How to analyze how each individual’s B.A.N.K. Code affects his/her behavior
    • How you can use this knowledge to communicate more effectively
    • How to quickly “crack” the codes of your patients, your family & friends
    • How to utilize this knowledge to improve your communications and treatment

Your Investment

Communicate Effectively

Codebreaker Communication Training
$ 497 Per Person

More About Codebreaker

What makes you tick?

Can you quickly determine what makes OTHERS tick?

Lastly, how well do you adapt your communication style to “speak that other person’s language”?

We’ve all had that experience when you meet someone new and you just “CLICK!”

And there are other times when you feel like, “I just can’t get through to this person!”

Do you want a way to easily connect with more people, even when they are quite different from you?

This is what B.A.N.K. is all about. It’s a system that trains you how to communicate more effectively with others.

Dr. Alfe is the only dental coach in the country who is also certified to teach and train the Codebreaker B.A.N.K. system!

The B.A.N.K. system is similar to, yet quite different from, DiSC, Myers-Briggs, Kolbe, & many other personality/behavioral profile assessments. 

By identifying your most important core values, you’ll be able to “crack your code” with the B.A.N.K. system.  And you’ll learn how to discover which values are most important to those around you.

B.A.N.K. is an acronym:

  • “B” is Blueprint
  • “A” is Action
  • “N” is Nurturing
  • “K” is Knowledge


Do you love/crave/need stability, structure, & predictability? You’re a high B.

Do you love/crave/need freedom, flexibility, & to WIN? You’re a high A.

Do you love/crave/need relationships, teamwork, & to make a contribution? You’re a high N.

Do you love/crave/need logic, technology, & accuracy? You’re a high K.

None of us is all one type or another. We are all a blend of all these values. But whichever values really “ring the bell” for you will drive your thoughts, actions, & decisions.

Wouldn’t you like to know what your partner, friend, child, teammate, boss, patient, client, or customer values the most? When you do, you can craft your message so that “you’re finally being HEARD.”

It’s a perfect complement to what I’m already doing with my clients & their teams. It’s a fantastic “Value-Add” (pun intended).

BTW, I’m an ANKB. So, when you talk to me, talk quickly & focus on how we can win together! I’ll be much more likely to really “hear your message”!

Are you intrigued?  Contact me and I’ll share a unique link so you can take the B.A.N.K. assessment test.  It’s my complimentary gift to you.